The London Film Critics' Circle have announced their winners for the best of 2008, which revealed nothing of any real notable mention. David Fincher deservedly picked up the Best Director gong for Benjamin Button, whilst The Wrestler was named Film of the Year. What's most perplexing, however, is the strange news that Hunger star Michael Fassbender won Best British Actor of the Year, with Liam Cunningham being nominated for Best British Supporting Actor. Now, Fassbender is pretty Irish by all accounts; despite being born in Germany he was raised here, and sports an Irish accent. But could you actually get any more Irish than underrated character actor Liam Cunningham? The man is a brazen Dub for Christ sake, and we're sure he's proud of it. This is just ridiculous, and makes no sense whatsoever; and while we're delighted that the film and its stars have deservedly been recognized by various critical organisations, the whole thing is just silly. The IFTA's must be kicking themselves for not nominating Daniel Craig for Best Irish Actor for Quantum of Solace - he does like his Guinness after all.