So yesterday we reported that Jim Carrey withdrew his support from Kick Ass 2 as he just cannot be affiliated with anything violent, since the unforgettable Sandy Hook tragedy.

Director Mark Millar was positively baffled by his withdrawal while others have since taken to Twitter to share their anger. Is he just going to tweet about his dislike of violence or is he going to actually do anything about it? The majority of people have suggested that if Carrey was really that cut up about it, he should consider giving the money he earned from participating in the movie to the victims of the Sandy Hook incident.

Not a bad idea really; after all, how is not promoting a movie that relates in no way to the tragedy going to benefit anyone involved? Will it ward off future events like this? Sadly, no. If he really wants to help perhaps he should put his money where his mouth is.

The following tweets are just a small number of those who have voiced their opinions.

@SHannitysHair: If you truly had a change of heart, @JimCarrey, donate all the money you earned on this film to victims of gun violence.

@IngloriousApps: I say Jim Carrey should donate his entire salary from kickass2 to the shooting victims. If he's that remorseful...

@John_Popovich: Jim Carrey will not support the violence in his latest movie. If he really feels that strongly about it, he should donate his paycheck.

@JimCarrey does that mean you are going to donate the massive check you received for doing to movie to charity or just tweet how bad u feel?

@JimCarrey Until you donate the money you made from that film, your just a hypocrite feeding on the publicity from those poor kids.

Are you in agreement?