For all the critical drubbings, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is still soaring at the box-office and is now officially the biggest opening Warner Bros. has ever had.

To say the audience reaction to the film is mixed is an understatement. While some praised the dark and almost morose story, others felt it was too violent and way, way too long. Another person who thought it was too long is Dean Cain, better known as the definitive Superman of the '90s from his TV show, Lois & Clark: The New Adventures Of Superman.

If that means nothing to you, congratulations - you're officially young and you know nothing of the wonder that was '90s TV. Cain was recently interviewed about his thoughts on the new Superman, saying that, well, it was all a bit much.

"The movie obviously was so well made; the effects were incredible. It was too long, though, and I admit, I dozed off a tiny bit, but maybe that's because I was tired after a lot of traveling. Ben was great as Batman and Henry is a very good Superman. This incarnation is so dark compared to the lightness of the Superman I've grown to know and love, as seen in the two versions that I grew up with - Christopher Reeve and myself. That's the only difference to me."

He's not wrong, in fairness. One of the biggest complaints about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is just how changed the character is, for better or worse.

Can someone check in with Brandon Routh and Tom Welling to see what they made of it?