Well unless you were living under a rock this weekend, you'll be aware that yesterday, Ireland's capital city played host to none other than Mr Steven Spielberg, Daniel Day-Lewis and the lovely Sally Field. Why were this trio of Hollywood stalwarts hanging out in Dublin's fair city? To celebrate the European Premiere of Lincoln, of course. And why was it Dublin when it's usually lucky Londoners who get to avail of such cinematic delights? Because of Daniel Day Lewis, that's why. The legendary actor who first wowed us in My Left Foot chose Dublin as the location for the premiere not just because he loves the place but also to coincide with his charity dinner (held at the Burlington hotel) to raise much needed funs for a Wicklow hospice.

Braving the threat of snow, the Oscar winning director turned up to Dublin's Savoy with his wife, Kate Capshaw, in tow. While Spielberg looked dapper in his penguin suit - hard to go wrong there really - his significant other's choice of outfit is... well... questionable. Leather dungarees? Looking youthful and petite in a black dress was fellow Academy Award winner Sally Field who stars opposite Day-Lewis as Mary Todd Lincoln. Then, most significant of all, there was Abraham Lincoln himself. Oh no wait, it's just Daniel Day-Lewis; so convincing was his turn as the former American President, it's hard to separate the man from the role. As we struggle to find the words to adequately describe such a thespian, on this Monday morning there's little else we can comment on, other than his striking good looks. They don't make cheekbones like that for just anybody. Movie star looks, if ever we saw them. Don't you agree?

Other guests in attendance were Bono (donned of course in a pair of d*ckhead glasses), his wife Ali Hewson, the Edge and his missus, Katie Taylor and family (loving her feminine touch although we'd really love to get her into a pair of killer stilletos), and as always, a few token Irish directors; Jim Sheridan and Neil Jordan. Wouldn't hurt you to put on a suit, would it Neil? Providing the eye candy for the afternoon was Rosanna Davison, sporting a beautiful floor length gown and her outrageously expensive Voltaire diamond. 'Cause we really need another reason to be envious, Rosie. Some people get it all, eh?

And then, just to add some class to the proceedings, we have Mr. Charming himself, Shane McGowan sporting a two finger salute. Nice.

Enjoy our pics below, catch our review of Lincoln here (in cinemas this Friday) and watch the trailer right here.