Eric Bana is in advanced negotiations to join a film titled Armored for director F. Gary Gray (The Italian Job). The film is described as a heist drama, where Bana's character joins an armoured car company, and gains enough trust to become part of their plans to rip the place off. But, this being a movie, he has motivations of his own. Gray is a pretty bland director, but he has churned out a lot of heist movies already so should know this material pretty well by now. Also, the script is being written by Seven scribe Andrew Kevin Walker (woohooo) and, damn it, David Ayer (booooo). Bana isn't officially signed up, but it's looking likely that he will be, as he has a hole in his schedule after The Time Travellers Wife is released later this year and he wraps Judd Apatow's latest, Funny People.