The star of the television opus that is Entourage, Adrian Grenier, has signed a deal to produce, direct and star in his own films and documentaries. The doc he’s currently working on is called "The Untitled Media Culture Documentary" and according to Variety "examines the relationship between celebrity and society". Grenier has been seen knocking about Hollywood with the paparazzi in preparation for the film that he describes as "socially conscious". The man who is Vinnie Chase has previously had a documentary of himself searching for his biological father screened on HBO - who produce the mighty Entourage. He’s going down a different route that his good looks and laid back charisma would dictate; but it’s a downright admirable one. For those of you who never watch Entourage, shame on you; go buy the DVD’s now. Also, pick me up some skittles while you’re out.