While 2018 has seen some fantastic movies - 'Mandy', 'Lady Bird', even 'Suspiria' had its moments - there have been some truly awful ones as well.

There's the obligatory 'Fifty Shades Freed' from the start of the year, but there's also been some recent entries like 'The Girl In The Spider's Web' and 'The Happytime Murders'.

With that in mind, here now the 10 worst movies of 2018.


10. 'Robin Hood'

Robin Hood is an easy enough character to adapt for the screen. It's probably why it's been done so many times. But how do you make it totally unlikeable, and not only that, but make it hackneyed? Simple! Try to crowbar in as many references as you can to the current political climate, and make Robin Hood into a superhero. Never mind that Taron Egerton has zero personality on screen, Otto Bathurst directs this like he's literally trying to rush it out so he can get back to the set of 'Peaky Blinders'. Jamie Foxx is in there as well with a very strange accent, and Ben Mendelsohn - (wipes away tear) - Ben Mendolsohn has some of the worst dialogue you'll hear this year. Why? Why would you do that to Ben Mendelsohn? What's he ever done to you?

9. 'Mortal Engines'

Giant moving cities on tank wheels criss-crossing the planet, eating up smaller cities in their wake. It's a stupid idea on paper and it's an even stupider idea on screen. Throwing $100 million wasn't going to make it any better, never mind having Peter Jackson in the mix as well.

8. 'Insidious: The Last Key'

A horror movie so forgettable that you'd actually struggle to even remember if you saw it. I saw it. I can barely remember what it was about. I think there was something going on with a key (obviously) and there was... a thing with the key making people mute? Maybe? Did I dream that? Who knows. Anyway, this was crap.

7. 'Anon'

It's hard to chart the exact moment when Clive Owen from A-list to... stuff like this, but it's happened and we all have to just accept it and move on. Andrew Niccol's a long way away from the likes of 'Gattaca' and 'Lord Of War' with this tripe, but the real question is why anybody thought you could make a sci-fi movie about social media and a lack of anonymity, and think anybody would care?

6. 'Den Of Thieves'

Let's riff some names for 'Den Of Thieves' because 'Den Of Thieves' is too cool a title to waste on this. 'Protein Shake Heat'. 'Thief (Of Ideas From Michael Mann)'. 'Widows, Except It's All Guys Who'd Probably Leave Comments Underneath Daily Mail Articles.'

5. 'The Happytime Murders'

Not bragging or anything, but our interview with the puppet Phil Phillips was actually funnier than the movie itself. And that's not us that said it, that's a comment from YouTube.

4. 'The Girl In The Spider's Web'

Claire Foy is a great actor, and you only need to look at 'The Crown' to know what she's capable of. What you don't want, and what makes this such a disappointment, is the fact that it's taken a fascinating character and turned it into a cut-price Jason Bourne. Christ, Matt Damon isn't even arsed about Jason Bourne any more. Why do this?


3. 'Fifty Shades Freed'

Well, at least this is the last of them.


2. 'How To Talk To Girls At Parties'

A film so painfully, desperately trying to be edgy and cool that it may as well have said it thought the concept of film itself was boring and outdated. Basically, it's 'Try Hard: The Movie'.

1. 'Mile 22'

Where to start? How about the fact that Mark Wahlberg plays an outright asshole in this and it genuinely feels like he didn't have to work too hard at it? What about the fact that Peter Ber g had the audacity - the audacity - to make John Malkovich wear a hairpiece? What about making action so incomprehensible that it looks like it was edited with a chainsaw? This wasn't just bad, this was artistically bad.