Reese Witherspoon will be looking for your vote once again in this all-new continuation of the '90s comedy.

An 'Election' sequel is in development, which will continue the story of one of the lead characters from the 1999 hit.

'Tracy Flick Can’t Win' will see Oscar winner Reese Witherspoon reprise her role as the ever-chipper Tracy Flick in a follow-up political comedy which will be a Paramount+ exclusive in the future.

'Election' originally starred Witherspoon and Matthew Broderick as Tracy and Jim, a feuding student and teacher duo who enter into a bitter war against the other during a high school election. Somewhat of a cult classic at this stage, it was based on the 1998 novel by Tom Perrotta.

Perrotta published an 'Election' sequel book earlier this year, and will be the basis of the forthcoming movie. Just for sheer table quiz knowledge stats, it was Lucy Liu who played the part of Tracy Flick in the recently released audiobook.

'Tracy Flick Can't Win' has been praised by book reviewers for continuing the story of this determined and driven character. It picks up with Tracy years later as she continues to fight her way to the top as an assistant principal in a high school in New Jersey. Her boss, the school principal, announces their plan to retire, so you can see what's about to happen next.

Although Witherspoon appeared in 'Cruel Intentions' that same year, 'Election' has been considered her first major break-out role in film, as she earned herself a Golden Globes nomination for her portrayal of the ambitious teen. The movie was also nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay at the Oscars that same year.

Original director and co-writer Alexander Payne is returning to helm the Paramount+ release, with Witherspoon also attached to produce and Perrotta as executive producer.

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