There's always an element of escapism when you're watching a movie. Everybody looks flawless and perfect, everyone seems to know what to say at the exact moment and everybody seems to hang out in really cool locales.

There's been some fantastic set design and architecture on display throughout the years in films, with some major architects lending a hand to directors to give them an aesthetic edge. For this list, however, we're keeping it relatively simple.

Here's eight houses / apartments we would happily set up shop in if, y'know, they existed in the real world. To find your perfect home, contact Savills New Homes today!


8. The McAllisters' house from HOME ALONE

It was beautiful, it had class and style, it could house an entire family of extended cousins and, given the right tools, it could be turned into a fortress. The Winnetka Georgian household recently sold for $1,850,000, but we're guessing they removed the flamethrower off the back door and the nails on the staircase before it was sold.


7. The New York penthouse from THREE MEN AND A BABY

When you've got three mates and you're all professional bachelors, what type of pad should you have? A New York penthouse with its own billards table, rooftop conservatory and rooms big enough to have massive parties in. Also, there's plenty of white space on the walls to draw murals that tell a heartwarming story of three dudes finding a little baby on their door and raising it by themselves without supervision.



Yes, it's a bit dingy, but dammit - the place has character. It's exceptionally roomy and it even has its own Iron Maiden, power for an electric chair AND graveyard mausoleum. How many houses can say that? It even comes with a live-in butler and a dismembered, living hand thing. Called Thing! Amazing.


5. Captain Kirk's log cabin in STAR TREK: GENERATIONS

When you command the Enterprise for a living, you want something decidedly low-tech to come home to. That's what Captain Kirk has. A secluded, idyllic log cabin high in the Rocky Mountains that boasts spectacular views of the surrounding landscape. Not only that, it's also got plenty of land to ride a horse around on. Because Captain Kirk is big into horse-riding. Bet you didn't know that, eh? *fixes thick-rim glasses*


4. The South African Embassy House in LETHAL WEAPON 2

While it may a lair of baddies, the stilt house from Lethal Weapon 2 was pretty damn slick and it had an amazing view of Los Angeles. Just a shame that Riggs thought it was a good idea to pull the house with a pickup truck. It had such potential. Shame.


3. The house from THE MONEY PIT

Much like The Addams Family, the house from The Money Pit was a tad bit dingy. It was a fixer-upper. Sure, Tom Hanks and Shelley Long knew this. But think of all the adventures they had in that house. Getting caught in a hole for hours? They'll laugh about it afterwards. Let's try... BRAD! Bananaafonfananana...


2. Bill Murray's place in ZOMBIELAND

When it's the zombie apocalypse, you've pretty much got carte blanche as to where you wanna go. There's ground rules, obviously. It's got to be secure, it's got to be big enough that you could walk around it a few times and not get bored and it's got to be able to turn into a fortress when necessary. The fact that it's owned by a comedy genius is a bonus.


1. Bruce Wayne's penthouse in THE DARK KNIGHT

Beautifully designed, elegantly appointed and with its very own panic room that houses your own personal arsenal of Batman suits and equipment, the penthouse from The Dark Knight is far and away our top choice. It's got for a helipad, for feck sake. If you're Bruce Wayne / Batman, you clearly need room for a helipad. Just don't invite The Joker over for any of your soirees and you'll be grand.



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