It's hard to believe that the second 'Avatar' film is finally in cinemas, considering we've been hearing about the damned thing for so long.

Indeed, even the filming process of James Cameron's epic sequel was a prolonged affair, and some actors shot their scenes for the movie literally years ago.

One of the is Edie Falco aka Carmela Soprano aka Nurse Jackie - who shot her scenes so long ago that she thought the film had already been released and had flopped.

Falco made the unintentionally hilarious comments in an interview with 'The View', revealing that her scenes as General Frances Ardmore, a military commander on Pandora who is on a mission to make the planet habitable for humans, had been shot over four years ago.

 "I saw the first one when it was out. The second ‘Avatar’ I shot four years ago," she said. "I’ve been busy and doing stuff. Somebody mentioned ‘Avatar’ and I thought, ‘Oh, I guess it came out and it didn’t do very well because I didn’t hear anything about it.’ It happens! Someone recently said, ‘”Avatar” is coming out,’ and I said, ‘Oh, it hasn’t come out yet?’."

She added: "I will never work again because I said that."

She also said that she was disappointed that her character was human, as "I wanted to be blue! I was excited I’d be blue and very tall. I didn’t get either of those things."

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