Those who feared 'Avatar' was just a lucky fluke might want to have a re-think, as early revellers loved the sequel.

James Cameron's lightning might have struck in the same place twice, according to early reactions to his fantasy sequel 'Avatar: The Way of Water'.

Arriving 13 years after the original film, which is still the highest-grossing cinematic release of all time, the sequel's world premiere took place in London on Tuesday night, and viewers who were lucky enough to see the story unfold are full of praise for the follow-up.

While the film is still under embargo for official reviews, the embargo for social reactions lifted after the film's premiere last night.

Similar to the first release, the biggest draw for audiences who managed to see the sequel last night has been the visuals, describing them as "vastly superior" to the first release, "visually stunning" and even "overwhelming".

Another common theme running through early reactions to 'Avatar: The Way of Water' is that although reviewers didn't really find themselves looking forward to watching the film heading into the cinema this week, they now can't wait to see what happens next in Cameron's 'Avatar 3'.

Even though the film stands at over three hours long, it appears that everyone agrees that the filmmaker has delivered another sure-fire hit in theatres. While some reviewers think the story is thinner than the first, others believe it to be better - so we'll have to make our own judgements later this month.

Will the box office explode with the amount of money this film is about to make? Let's wait and see...

'Avatar: The Way of Water' hits cinemas on December 16.