In fairness, we probably would have reacted in the exact same way.

It's the moment you hope would happen, but rarely ever does. For this lucky group of movie fans, however, they were treated to a surprise Dwayne Johnson appearance as the actor pulled up beside their tour bus for a quick little chat and photo opportunity.

It's the thing you do when in Beverly Hills or Miami - get the celebrity homes tour. Hoping that you'll catch a glimpse of one of your favourite actors while they're out walking their dog or taking out their bins, you'd never expect to have one of the biggest stars pull up beside you while taking in your luxurious surroundings.

Dwayne Johnson, who stars in Disney's latest release 'Jungle Cruise', decided that he was going to make a "few folks happy" on Saturday while out and about in Miami, and have a quick chat out of his car window.

Posting a video of the encounter on his Instagram, The Rock wrote: "Hey you guys know where I can find The Rock?

"Love pullin’ up in my pick up truck beside all these tour buses that tour my neighborhood and surprising the heck outta people!!!

"One of the cool parts of fame & my job ~ makin’ a few folks happy."

Prepare for your eardrums to burst, as one woman gets very excited about the encounter.

Earlier this month it was announced that Dwayne Johnson would once again be teaming up with his 'Jungle Cruise' co-star Emily Blunt for a new Amazon production. The real-life trailblazing Kate Warne, known for being the first-ever female detective, will have her own movie with both parties collaborating on the project.

Disney is also hoping that the pair's family-friendly summer release will be the first in a new franchise based on the Disney Parks ride of the same name.