Christopher Nolan's made no secret of his love of traditional celluloid and practical effects in his films.

The Dark Knight, for example, featured only minimal CGI in parts. For Inception, physical sets were built on rotating platforms to get the rotating effect you see in the hallway fight scenes and so on. In Dunkirk, he used actual naval destroyers. Real, actual naval destroyers. With all those practical effects on display, it's no wonder that he shot using 65mm large-format film stock and IMAX 65mm cameras.

While the film is obviously getting an IMAX release at Cineworld in Parnell St., the Irish Film Institute have confirmed that Dunkirk is being screened in 70mm daily from Friday, July 21st. If anyone's been to a 70mm screening in the IFI's Cinema 1, they'll know just how incredible the screen is and why it's such a big deal - and why you should try to see at least one film in 70mm if you're serious about films.

Dunkirk is released worldwide from July 21st.