The planned movie that is based on the video game character 'Duke Nukem' seems to be gathering momentum.

'Duke Nukem' is a video game from the 90's that sees its title character Duke try to save Earth from an alien invasion. He does this through his use of multiple firearms, and while wearing sunglasses and his signature steely gaze. He's also known to refer to himself in the third person, quipping "So help me, Duke!"

Variety has now learned that 'Assassin's Creed' Producer Jean-Julien Baronnet has teamed up with Gearbox Software to plan on bringing the man with the braun to the big screen. Gearbox are the owners of the rights to the 'Duke Nukem' character and franchise. The character has made 19 appearances in video games since 1991 .

Now, if you've seen Michael Fassbender's 'Assassin's Creed' movie, the inclusion of a Producer from it being included here, might raise some concern (we awarded the movie two stars).

To add to the concern, Paramount Studios have pulled out of the movie. Paramount were due to collaborate with Michael Bay's studio Platinum Dunes; so at the moment Bay is at the helm of 'Duke', and we know what that means - lots and lots of explosions.

However, Bay acted as Producer in the recently released 'Bumblebee' which is garnering good, if not great, reviews (we gave it a not-too-shabby four stars). If the movie secures the right director, that is if Bay doesn't take over, then it might turn out quite well.

And if you add the fact that John Cena is rumoured to be the star lined up to play Duke, it might not be so bad after all. Watch this space for more information on 'Duke Nukem' in the future.