His upcoming documentary film 'Stutz' shows Jonah Hill in a new light as he deals with his mental health with the help of his therapist — it's a long way from his usual 'Superbad' slash 'The Wolf of Wallstreet' style flicks. The film will debut at film festivals over the next few months, but Hill is stepping away from the promotional side of the film this time.

This film directed by Hill himself will focus on dealing with issues arising surrounding his mental health and in particular, the anxiety attacks over the pressure of marketing films, a job that goes hand in hand with that kind of movie star spotlight in Hollywood.

Hill has made a statement reported by Deadline, sharing "Through this journey of self-discovery within the film, I have come to the understanding that I have spent nearly 20 years experiencing anxiety attacks, which are exacerbated by media appearances and public-facing events".

He made reference to the "prestigious" nature of having his film debut at film festivals this autumn and that his decision to step back from promotional campaigns for the film is a "privileged" one.

Ultimately, Hill hopes that the film will bring mental health help and management ideas to those who need them, "I’m hoping to make it more normal for people to talk and act on this stuff. So they can take steps towards feeling better and so that the people in their lives might understand their issues more clearly".

Hill says he wants the work to "speak for itself" and with his film reputation, we're sure that it will with or without any mad promotional gigs.

'Stutz' premieres at film festivals soon.