Doug Liman, in case you're unfamiliar with his work, did the likes of 'Edge Of Tomorrow', 'The Bourne Identity' and most recently 'American Made'.

In other words, comedies aren't exactly high on his list - so seeing him try to take on the utter craziness that was 'The Cannonball Run' is going to be interesting. The original movie, if you've never seen it, is a complete farce of a film and is one of those situations where probably everyone was either drunk or high on screen.

You had a cast that included Dean Martin, Burt Reynolds, Farah Fawcett, Sammy Davis Jr., Jackie Chan and Roger Moore. In fact, Roger Moore's involvement in 'The Cannonball Run' supposedly sparked EON Productions - the company behind James Bond - into action regarding the actors in the role.

Because of Roger Moore utterly taking the mick out of James Bond and himself throughout the film, EON Productions placed a really weird ban on the actors who played James Bond that exists to this day - namely that any actor who played James Bond isn't allowed be shown on screen wearing a tuxedo.

You're thinking Pierce Brosnan wearing a tuxedo in 'Thomas Crown Affair' right? Go back and watch it again and you'll see that Brosnan isn't actually wearing a tuxedo as such. He's got a white tie on that's been opened and if you listen to the director's commentary, John McTiernan gives out about how stupid the ban is for about five minutes.

We digressed way too much there, didn't we? Anyway, Deadline's report states Liman is in early talks and will be working from a draft of the screenplay written by the duo behind 'Night At The Museum' - Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant - with a third writer to be announced in the future.

No release date has been set as of yet for 'The Cannonball Run' remake.