The sequel to the first 'Don’t Breathe' entry five years ago will delve deeper into the psyche of the blind man who had a messed-up chamber underneath his house. 

Following the release of 'A Quiet Place 2' and 'The Conjuring 3' this summer, there's yet another horror movie sequel heading to cinemas, with the arrival of 'Don't Breathe 2' this August.

At the end of 'Don't Breathe', we see on a news report that Nordstrom is recovering in hospital after Rocky (Jane Levy) manages to flee his house alive. The movie received high praise from viewers, with many applauding the unique use of sound (or lack thereof) and darkness, which resulted in an incredibly tense movie experience.

The sequel will be set years following the initial home invasion of the first movie, and will more closely follow the storyline of Norman Nordstrom AKA "The Blind Man", played by Stephen Lang.

Now he's caring for a young girl (Madelyn Grace), trying to live a quiet life, before invaders attempt to break into his house once again. He's about to turn off the lights and kick some arse for a second time.

For the sequel movie, the director and writer have swapped positions, with Fede Álvarez taking up writing and producing duties, and Rodo Sayagues stepping up to direct.

'Don't Breathe 2' isn't the only horror movie hitting theatres this August, with 'Candyman' from director Nia DaCosta and executive producer Jordan Peele arriving on August 27.

Here's the trailer for 'Don't Breathe 2'.

'Don't Breathe 2' will arrive in Irish cinemas on Friday, August 13.