Stop the press; 9 years after the first movie rocked our world, there's a Dodgeball sequel in the works. This is fanbloodytastic news, agreed?

Ben Stiller has hired a screenwriter (Clay Tarver) to begin work on a script for the sports comedy sequel. The Hollywood Reporter bring us this good news, revealing that Vince Vaughn is also pretty much confirmed to return.

Now we don't know much yet, it's very early days, but rumour has it the sequel's story would see Vaughn and Stiller's characters overcome their rivalry as they join forces against a third character and mutual enemy.

Only one question remains, which comedy stalwart will take this role? Will they dip into the pool of actors we've grown accustom to seeing in these movies? Or will they take on someone new to the party.

Oh wait another question ALSO remains; will Chuck Norris be returning also?

Who would you like to see make an appearance here?