Paul Rudd has a question for us, are we still interested in Anchorman?

I'll take that as a resounding yes, very much so. But ONLY if they don't make a complete hames of the sequel. During an interview with Digital Spy to promote This is 40 (The Judd Apatow comedy in cinemas this Friday), Rudd expressed his hope that there was still a place in our hearts for Ron Burgundy and his colleagues.

"I'm really excited, we start shooting next month. It's unbelievable that it's been almost a decade. It seemed to become more popular with people after it was in the movie theatre, so hopefully the interest will still be there." He continued "When it was announced, we didn't even really know [beforehand]... Will Ferrell was on a talk show as Ron Burgundy - I just remember the day before I got the message, 'You gotta watch Conan tomorrow night', and that was how I found out!"

Don't worry, Paul, I think it's safe to say we'll always have time for Anchorman; after all, it did make the top spot in our top 10 most quotable movies list!