Although it was only rebooted four years ago by 'Narcos' showrunner Jose Padilha, there's a sort-of-not-really reboot of the way for 'Robocop' and the pedigree behind this one is what makes it quite fascinating.

Deadline is reporting that Neill Blomkamp - who directed 'District 9', which was heavily influenced by 'Robocop' - is to bring an original script written shortly after the 1987 classic that was intended as a direct sequel to Paul Verhoeven's film. Ed Neumeier and Michael Miner's script was shelved in favour of a script written by Frank Miller of 'Sin City' fame and Walon Green, who wrote the screenplay for William Friedkin's underrated masterpiece 'Sorcerer'.

The understanding is that Justin Rhodes - who's already been tapped to write the long-awaited 'Masters Of The Universe' reboot and penned the sixth 'Terminator' that's now in production - is giving Neumeier and Miner's script a polish, and the two writers will serve as producers here. Neumeier and Miner offered up the sequel to Verhoeven, who turned it down as he felt a sequel wasn't "de classe and he wasn’t interested in the politics of a sequel," according to Neumeier.

If the original script is anything to go by, it seems as though there's a definite satirical bent to it - something that the two writers used when they worked on 'Starship Troopers' with Verhoeven later on. According to Neumeier, the original script for 'Robocop Returns' featured a US president who was formerly a television star. While that may have been poking fun at Ronald Reagan, the prescience of it now can't be overstated.

As Neumeier explained to Deadline, "when Trump was about to be elected president (MGM chief Jon Glickman) called me and said, ‘Did you actually predict in your sequel script that a reality star would run for president and win?’ We had. So Mike and I wrote a draft and gave one interview in Barbados and I think the only person who read it was Neill Blomkamp, and that set this in motion."

No release date or casting has been announced as of yet, but we'll be keeping an eye on this one.