For those who may remember it, Sword In The Stone is a pretty lighthearted adventure story that tells the story of Arthur's origins, plucking Excalibur from the stone and being mentored by Merlin to become the eventual King of Camelot.

It's a familiar enough story, and has been covered a number of times - from the likes of John Boorman's Excalibur (the best, in our opinion) to Guy Ritchie's King Arthur (the worst so far). However, going by the directing and writing talent assembled for Sword In The Stone, it looks like Disney is dropping the whole cutesy schtick for something altogether different.

Bryan Cogman, who worked as one of the lead writers and executive producers on Game Of Thrones, is penning the screenplay whilst horror director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo - best known for 28 Weeks Later - is behind the camera. While Disney does have a pretty tight grip on its films being family-friendly and the like, could this signal a shift in tone?

As mentioned, there's definitely a more violent, darker approach to the story of Arthur that's been explored before - seriously, go back and look at Excalibur - so could it be the same here? Who knows, really.

No release date has been set for Sword In The Stone as of yet, but it looks pretty interesting so far.