Starring Emma Stone as the head honcho, we've been treated to a brand new teaser trailer for Disney's 'Cruella'.

In the newest 'Cruella' trailer which you can see below, we get more of a glimpse of the life of the troubled character, played this time by Emma Stone.

The rebellious early days of one of Disney's most notorious villains will be the spotlight of the next live-action film from the House of Mouse. Always the height of fashion, we'll find out in 'Cruella' how the woman who becomes London's most famous dalmation-napper became such a powerful adversary.

Set during the punk rock revolution of the 1970's, Estella is an aspiring fashion designer who befriends a pair of thieves (Joel Fry and Paul Walter Hauser) after a run-in with the Baroness von Hellman (played by Emma Thompson). This encounter sets in motion the origin story of one of the greatest Disney villains - Cruella de Vil.

Glenn Close of course played the title character in the live-action remakes of the animation, stealing the scene as the other-the-top Disney villain. Fans are hoping that this Emma Stone interpretation will live up to expectations.

Disney’s 'Cruella' is directed by Craig Gillespie ('I Tonya'), with Emma Stone and Glenn Close both acting as producers. Two-time Oscar-winning costume designer Jenny Beavan ('Mad Max: Fury Road') creates the haute couture that we see present.

Here's the new 'Cruella' trailer for you.

Disney's 'Cruella' is due for release on May 28.