If you've already streamed as much as you can of 'Frozen' on Disney+, and are already very patiently waiting (i.e. are being hounded by your children) for 'Frozen 2' to be released on the streaming service, then fear not as Disney has created something that will be of interest.

Disney have released a brand new Olaf short series on YouTube, which has been made entirely from home. Yep, voice actor Josh Gad has teamed up with Disney animator Hyrum Osmond to bring us a very cute short episode in what is believed to be the first in a planned "made at home" Disney series.

Proving to everyone that working from home can be a productive time too, the team have produced their first 40 second entry in the series. Called 'Fun with Snow', we see Olaf the snowman have some playful fun with throwing some snowballs.

Voice actor Gad tweeted his involvement in the project, saying that there will be a few other shorts coming our way soon. There's been no word yet on when we can expect the next entry the Olaf short series, but we can expect them over the coming weeks at least.

In other 'Frozen' news, 'Frozen 2' is due for release on Disney+ later this year, but won't be available for Irish audiences until July 17. It'll arrive just as the Irish summer is beginning to get into full swing.

Here's the first Olaf short series for you to watch, entitled 'Fun with Snow' - and be sure to keep an eye on the Wals Disney Animation Studio page for more entries in the series too.