Live-action retellings of famous fairy tales are now becoming the du jour thing for studios of late.

You have Snow White And The Huntsman, the upcoming Huntsman: Winter's War, you've had Cinderella and the upcoming Little Mermaid and now, we've got Snow White again. Sort of.

It's been confirmed that Disney is to begin work on a live-action film focused on Snow White's sister, Rose Red. We didn't even know she had a sister, so there's that. Anyway, the story follows Rose Red and her quest to revive her sister after she takes a bite of the poisonous apple and falls asleep.

Rose Red teams up with Grumpy from the Seven Dwarves to find a way to bring Snow White back to life. If this sounds slightly like that Snow White And The Huntsman thing from a couple of years back, you're not wrong.

The story was pitched by Evan Daugherty, who wrote Snow White And The Huntsman for Universal. As to who'll be cast and what else is in the works is anyone's guess as it's all in early stages of development, but it does say that Disney really is doubling down on its live-action retellings of their own canon.