Although the future is undoubtedly in streaming, physical media and Blu-Rays are still incredibly popular among movie fans, not to mention for older movies.

Seeing as how Disney now controls the entire library of 20th Century Fox as well as their own releases, a rumour that did the rounds earlier this week about the demise of Blu-Ray production caught people's attention.

However, in a statement to Forbes, Disney has denied that it is planning to ditch 4K Blu-Ray production or any physical production for that matter. "There are no plans to discontinue releases in a particular format," the statement read.

"We evaluate each release on a case by case basis and pursue the best strategy to bring our content into consumer homes across platforms that meet a variety of demands."

So far, Disney has been pushing Disney+ hard for all of its own library, however Fox - which Disney now controls - has been so far absent from it. There has been talk that Hulu, which Disney has a controlling share, may be utilised to share this content, but so far Hulu is only available in a handful of countries and is so far unavailable across the European Union.