Back in September, the news broke that Disney were revisiting Mary Poppins, but this time it would be set twenty years after the original. Everyone assumed that Anne Hathaway was the obvious choice, what with that stint she did on SNL, and the fact that she can pour the saccharin when required. She can also sing a few bars, as showcased in Les Mis. 

As it turn out, Disney has other ideas. And they involve an actress that doesn't have to put on a British accent. Step forward, Emily Blunt... It's obvious, innit. Why didn't we think of it before?!

According to Vanity Fair: "the charming Brit 'has always been the favourite' for the part since she previously worked with (director Rob) Marshall in Into the Woods, as the Baker's Wife."

It's still not a done deal, however, there is the small matter of Blunt's pregnancy to take into consideration. The actress and her husband John Krasinski announced they were expecting their second child back in January

As for the film's proposed story line: "The plot of the Poppins follow-up film will center on stories from P.L. Travers’ children’s books, which chronicle the nanny’s time with the Banks family."

Via Variety