Considered one of the most influential British directors of a generation, Roeg was known for his idiosyncratic style and use of shocking imagery in his films. 'Performance', which starred Mick Jagger and James Fox, is considered one of the most controversial British films ever made for its use of graphic sexual imagery and violence.

Directors such as Danny Boyle, Steven Soderbergh, and Christopher Nolan have all specifically cited Nicolas Roeg's style and editing techniques as influences on their work. Nolan, in particular, said that the ending of 'Memento' would have been "pretty unthinkable" without Roeg. Moreover, he cited Roeg's 1985 film, 'Insignificance', as a direct inspiration for his action blockbuster 'Inception'.

Roeg's final film was 2007's 'Puffball', which was filmed in part in Co. Monaghan and starred Donald Sutherland, Kelly Reilly and Miranda Richardson.

Roeg is survived by his six children and his wife, Harriet Harper.