And now for some Dinklage sized movie bites on this dreary Tuesday morning.

First up; Jake Gyllenhaal could well be teaming up with Hugh Jackman (HUGH JACKMAN!) and Melissa Leo (The Fighter) on the Black List thriller, Prisoners.

Secondly, Tom Hardy will be soon back on our screens as George Mallory, a man who tried three times to climb Mount Everest during the 1920s, making him the first man to reach the seemingly insurmountable summit. Reported by Deadline, Doug Liman will helm the film upon completing All You Need Is Kill at Warner Bros with Tom Cruise. The script will take the shape of an adaptation penned by Sheldon Turner (Up In THe Air) of Jeffrey Archer's book Paths Of Glory, Everest. Anything with Tom Hardy on the poster and we are sold; the man is on one impressive winning streak.

Thirdly, Les Miserables also starring HUGH JACKMAN (apologies, we're just very excited!), has just got a brand new poster. "Fight, Dream, Hope, Love." Looks epic, don't you think?