Much like the debate over whether 'Love Actually' is a garbage movie (it is), the debate over whether 'Die Hard' is a Christmas movie has been settled long ago.

We've even written an article about it that some of you read where we clearly and logically went through the many reasons why 'Die Hard' is, in fact, a Christmas movie. Although Bruce Willis has been less than clear on the topic, one person involved in the movie is - namely, one of the movie's co-writers, Steven E. DeSouza.

For those who don't know DeSouza, he also wrote 'Die Hard 2: Die Harder', directed 'Street Fighter', and is basically something of a legend in the realm of action movies. DeSouza appeared this week on the 'Script Apart' podcast to discuss 'Die Hard' and its status as a Christmas classic.

Indeed, DeSouza's argument for its status is to compare it with a baseline Christmas movie. In his argument, he places it alongside the 1954 musical classic, 'White Christmas' starring Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye, and then draws comparisons between the two.

For example, the number of Christmas songs featured in both movies - 'Die Hard' has four, 'White Christmas' has two. There's also an evil German ringleader behind all their troubles. In 'Die Hard', it's Hans Gruber and his band of terrorists and in 'White Christmas', it's basically Adolf Hitler and the Nazi war machine.

Hell, you've even got broadcast media-types with a hidden, nefarious agenda. 'Die Hard' has Dick Thornburg, while 'White Christmas' has Johnny Grant.

Again, you don't even need to compare it to another Christmas movie. There's enough Christmas cheer in 'Die Hard' to last everyone until the new year.