While the sale of Fox to content behemoth Disney is now complete, the fate of many 20th Century Fox properties has been in limbo.

Already, the likes of 'Home Alone' is being twisted into a TV remake, whilst other franchises are being flushed out in order to make room for something else. Among the many casualties, however, are some things that probably deserved it.

In all, a total of 276 movies on Fox's development slate have reportedly been dumped, with only a handful of movies remaining. Among them include 'Free Guy' with Ryan Reynolds, James Cameron's 'Avatar' sequels and movies that are more or less completed, such as 'Ford v Ferrari' / 'Le Mans 66' and 'The New Mutants'.

Among the movies cancelled include the completely unnecessary 'Die Hard' prequel, tentatively 'Die Hard: Year One', or 'McClane'. While the specifics aren't clear, it's understood that the entire thing hadn't gone beyond the script stage and - in all likelihood - probably wasn't going to either.

As we previously opined, 'Die Hard' has long since outlived its artistic credibility - not unlike 'The Simpsons' for that matter - so this is no bad thing. Likewise, a sequel to 'Assassin's Creed' was also on Fox's development slate and has now been cleared, as has the supposed 'Flash Gordon' remake with Taika Waititi.

Sure, there are some real tragedies here - a 'Flash Gordon' movie directed by the guy who did 'Thor: Ragnarok' could have been fantastic - but all in all, dumping the 'Die Hard' prequel was probably the best outcome that could have happened.

After all, how can the same shit happen to the same guy six times?