John McTiernan is the man behind some of the best action movies of all time; no joke. He's the guy who directed the first and third Die Hard films (easily the best) as well as the seminal Predator and The Hunt for Red October.

He hasn't been as consistent as of late on account of being in jail for 10 months for lying to The FBI regarding the wire tapping The Dark Knight producer Charles Roven's phone during the shooting of Rollerball. But he's done his time and according to The Hollywood Reporter, is now planning a huge comeback - with Nic Cage potentially involved.

McTiernan is looking to tackle Red Squad, a story about DEA mercenaries taking out a Mexican drug cartel, and Cage, while not officially attached, is circling the $26 million project. He also wrote a sequel to The Thomas Crown Affair (another film he directed) while in jail, and Pierce Brosnan has been looking to follow that one up for a while.

Whatever about his personal problems, McTiernan is a fine director and we're looking forward to seeing what he delivers if this film, hopefully, happens.