Our feelings on a sixth Die Hard are well-documented (you can read all about them here), so it goes without saying that news of its existence continues to pain us on a deep, existential level on a daily basis.

The Tracking Board has reported that the utterly misjudged and completely wrongheaded idea is still being kicked around Fox and that the script is now due to get a rewrite from Chad and Carey Hayes, the two writers behind The Conjuring and a couple episodes of Baywatch Nights. Yeah, really.

The original idea that did the rounds when the film was first announced saw Bruce Willis retelling a story from his early days as a beat cop in New York in the '70s, with a younger actor in that role, and the two timelines intersecting at various points. As we said before, that's just an awful idea because the whole point of the first Die Hard was that McClane was just an average cop in the wrong place at the wrong time who had to use his cunning to get out of it.

He didn't have any experience dealing with it and had to make it up as he went along. WHY CAN'T YOU PEOPLE SEE THIS IS A TERRIBLE IDEA. Anyway, Fox and director Len Wiseman - who directed the truly forgettable Die Hard 4.0 / Live Free Or Die Hard - are still pushing this awfulness on everyone and maybe it's time a giant asteroid hit the planet and wiped us all out because if we can't leave Die Hard well enough alone, we don't deserve to be here anymore.


Via Tracking Board