The initial footage we've seen for 'Detective Pikachu' so far has definitely been hard to wrap our brains around.

For one, seeing Jigglypuff with fur doesn't seem to match, as does seeing Mr. Mime in a photo-real environment. Whatever about Pikachu being voiced by Ryan Reynolds, that's fine - but the rest of it? It's odd because these creatures have always existed in either an animated or a pixelated environment.

Yet, for all of that, this new trailer somehow just casts it all in a different light. What is it about this trailer that makes it so emotional?

Is it just Louis Armstrong's singing? No, not just that. It's seeing people interact with them and each other, like seeing Psyduck give Detective Pikachu a big hug, or someone sitting next to Pangoro.

When they're put in context, it begins to connect on an emotional level. Plus, that line from Ryan Reynolds is beautiful - even if it is coming from a furry yellow creature that shoots electricity out of itself.

'Detective Pikachu' arrives in Irish cinemas on May 10th.