It's had one of the biggest openings in box-office history across the highest numbers of screens, so it's no surprise that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has done well for Warner Bros.

The film, which currently stands at 32% on Rotten Tomatoes and has been widely panned (we didn't mind it, to be honest), is now currently riding high in the box-office after just a few days of release. Already, it has had the biggest opening for a March film and the sixth-biggest opening of all time in the US market.

In the space of a single weekend, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has managed to secure over $170.1 million in earnings with that figure expected to increase with each passing week. Globally, the figure currently sits at $424.1 million. However, when it's all said and done, there's still a long road ahead for the film if it's to be considered a success in the eyes of Warner Bros.

In order to recoup all of its expenses, production costs and meet the stock market demands, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice reportedly needs to make over $800 million in the global box-office. With a production budget of around $250 million and a promotional budget of the same amount, the film is a huge gamble for Warner Bros. - especially after a string of disappointments so far.

Big-budget blockbusters Jupiter Ascending and Pan all lost money for the studio at the box-office in 2015, however with the promising figures for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the studio's luck may have changed and with Suicide Squad still to come, their fortunes may be on the mend.