When Tim Miller walked away from Deadpool 2, there were some who thought he was deliberately shooting himself in the foot.

After all, Deadpool had been an unbridled success and Miller was as much a part of that as was Ryan Reynolds' performance. Still, Miller had his reasons - but that doesn't mean he's no longer in demand. Deadline has reported that Miller's next film is the long-awaited adaptation of William Gibson's seminal cyberpunk novel, Neuromancer.

The novel, written in 1984, was the first to win both a Nebula Award, a Hugo Award, and a Philip K. Dick award and is often considered the precursor to the likes of The Matrix, Deus Ex, and pretty much any cyberpunk property you can think of. There's even a school of thought that Neuromancer influenced the very creation of the internet.

For something as seminal as this, however, this isn't the first time an attempt has been made to get a film off the ground. Chris Cunningham and Aphex Twin were set to make a go at it, but then dropped out. Splice director Vincenzo Natali was also going to give it a stab, but that fell apart, whilst music video specialist Joseph Kahn was also involved at one point.

It's early days yet, of course, so casting is miles away from happening and there's a good chance there'll be about twenty different drafts of a screenplay before it gets to that point, but it's interesting to see a revival of interest in Neuromancer.

There's no denying that Blade Runner 2049 and the buzz surrounding that has played a part in it, not to mention the fact that audiences seem to be hankering for more intelligent sci-fi fare of late.

No release date has been set for Neuromancer.


Via Deadline