David Lynch, the auteur mind behind 'Twin Peaks', 'Mulholland Drive' and 'Blue Velvet', is shifting his focus from creating unsettling dream-like movies into... t-shirts.

To be fair, the man is used to creating pretty weird offshots of his work. For example, Lynch has a coffee signature brand that makes complete sense when you think about how Dale Cooper in 'Twin Peaks' talked so much about coffee. Anyway, the T-shirts from David Lynch are now up on Amazon and they're kind of cool, to be honest.

The images don't really appear to be from any of his movies, but instead seem to have that general vibe of weirdness that has become his signature style. Currently, the selection is only just t-shirts and you can't really imagine these on the back of a jacket or whatever, but who knows - maybe you'll see Lynch trying to throw them on to the likes of cups of coffee or whatever.

You can pick up your own David Lynch T-shirts here if you fancy.