Awards Season is great for two things - you get to see celebrities interacting with each other on red carpets, looking glamourous and done up to the nines, and then you get to see how they deal with rejection while looking glamorous and done up to the nines.

Nowadays, you have people who know to clap wildly when the other person wins so they don't look like they're sore losers. It's rare enough now that you'll see someone roll their eyes because all nominees know that there's a camera on them at all times.

David Fincher's no stranger to either the Golden Globes or the Oscars. He's been there in the past for the likes of 'Gone Girl' and, for this season, 'Mank'. Of course, last night's Golden Globes took place over Zoom because of All This™, which meant you had celebrities that bit more relaxed.

You could see into famous people's houses, some were still dressed up while others were literally in pajamas with their dogs - looking at you, Jodie Foster - but David Fincher? Well, he had the right idea out of all of them. In fact, his response is what the kids call "a mood."

Each and every time Fincher lost in a category, he held up a shotglass to the Zoom camera and downed it. No gloating, no bitterness, just straight down the hatch. All told, Fincher took three shots during the awards ceremony as he was up for Best Director (which lost to Chloé Zhao for 'Nomadland'), Best Picture (which lost to 'Nomadland'), and Best Screenplay (which lost to 'The Trial of the Chicago 7').

Clearly, the way to deal with public rejection is and always has been to down some alcohol and smile.