We've always wondered why there hasn't been any kind of a musical biopic on David Bowie.

Steve Jobs director Danny Boyle has a hot take on the situation, however. According to a recent interview, the very reason why Danny Boyle signed up for Steve Jobs was that he was at a lose end after David Bowie put the kybosh on his proposed biopic.

Boyle was working on the script for a David Bowie quasi-musical with 24 Hour Party People's Frank Cottrell Boyce for a good few years. As Boyle puts it, the film was almost ready to begin production when Bowie stepped in and refused to grant them the rights to his songs.

That, in effect, put the whole thing on the backburner and Boyle at a lose end. As he tells it, he was left in a "state of grief" and took the directing gig for Steve Jobs to get over it all.

This isn't the first time Bowie has knocked back advances by Boyle, either. The director's work on the 2012 London Olympics was widely hailed as a fantastic experience for all and was hugely praised by local and international media. However, Boyle wanted Bowie to be involved in some aspect, but rebuffed his offer.

And we're all the lesser for it, in fairness. Ah well.