One of Danny Boyle's earlier films was the riveting post-apocalypse thriller, 28 Days Later.

Made for just $8,000,000, it's often credited with reinvigorating the zombie genre and became a landmark film for both British horror and Danny Boyle himself. The film was both a critical and commercial hit, scoring over $80 million in box-office returns, launching the career of Cillian Murphy and reminding us all just how creepy empty cities can be.

The follow-up, 28 Weeks Later, was directed by Spain's Juan Carlos Fresnadillo and, likewise, did well both critically and commercially. Since 2007, however, it's all gone quiet as a third film was rumoured to be on the horizon if 28 Weeks Later performed well in the home market.

Boyle, who's currently on the promo trail for Steve Jobs, was quizzed about 28 Days Later and seemed receptive to taking another run at it. "I've got no problem (with 28 Months Later)," he explained. "It's not about whether people think it's a good idea that you're directing. It's whether you respond to the script or not."

"It's just like on [Steve Jobs]. I got the script and I went, 'That was amazing. I hope I can add to that somehow and it be even better than just the experience of reading it.'"

As for the current state of the project, Boyle threw a bit of cold water over our hopes. "It's in a process at the moment and I wouldn't have any inhibition about being involved in it at all. It's amazing what has happened to the zombie genre since we made it."

Alex Garland, the screenwriter of the first film, said in an interview some time ago that he had an idea knocking around for the third film and that there's a very strong possibility of it happening. "I had this thought, and I suggested it to Andrew (MacDonald, the producer of 28 Days Later) and Danny, but I also said I don't want to work on it."

"I don't really want to play a role, and Andrew said, 'Leave it to me'. So he's gone off and is working on it." Garland's lack of involvement shouldn't surprise anyone.

Considering how interesting Ex Machina was, it's clear that Garland's got a few hundred ideas kicking around his head. Not only that, Ex Machina was his first feature film in the director's chair, so it's clear he's keen to keep at it rather than going back to writing.

Either way, the idea of a third 28 Days Later film has us intrigued. What say you? Let us know in the comments!