Dane DeHaan in Metallica concert movie:

One thing can be said for the American actor Dane DeHaan; he's damn well versatile. Best known for his roles in our own Gabriel Byrne's In Treatment and the blockbuster sci-fi Chronicle, he's also got a supporting role in this year's Gosling flick Place Beyond the Pines, the role of Harry Osborn in The Amazing Spider-man 2 and now the lead role in a fictionalized Metallica concert movie, Metallica Through the Never. Oh and he will also star alongside Daniel Radcliffe in Kill Your Darlings drama as poet Ginsberg. Jeesh, makes us tired just thinking about all of this.

The latest flick scored by DeHaan, Metallica Through the Never, will intertwine real concert footage of the band in action with a fictionalized narrative as DeHaan in the lead. We have nabbed the first image of the film released, pictured above. His character Trip is a young crew member put to the test in more ways than conceivable when he is sent on a search mission mid-concert. Truly life altering concerts are few and far between so sign us up to see what makes this one so glorious, please.

Director Nimrod Antal's previous work includes Predators, so would-be audience goers for Metallica Through the Never should expect a lot of dark cinematography and visceral action. With the UK and Irish date yet to be released, the film is set to be released in America August 9th. How many faces does the young actor Dane DeHaan have and will his Metallica flick win the approval of hardcore fans? Who knows yet, but it would be interesting to see if a metal band film could make a box office success. Come on DeHaan, work that 'I'm with the band' leather jacket like your career depends on it!