There's more good news coming our way in regards to the finally confirmed 'Community' movie - Donald Glover is apparently on board.

In the wake of last month's announcement, there were some concerns over whether Glover, aka Childish Gambino, would be interested in returning.

However, Dan Harmon has pretty much put any doubts to bed with his latest comments. Speaking at Variety's Business Managers Breakfast the 'Rick and Morty' and 'Community' creator said Glover was all in.

"For lack of a better word, there was a ball fumbled… [Glover] is down to clown," Harmon remarked about Glover’s involvement in the movie. "Man, I would not want to think about making [the movie] without Donald."

The popular series ran over 6 seasons from 2009 to 2015. Glover exited the show during season 5, only appearing in the first few episodes, to focus on his music career.

Talking to the AV Club about his withdrawal from the show in 2016, Glover said, "It’s important that things end. I’m glad things end because it forces things to progress. I get really frustrated in the world that things could be better but can’t be better because they haven’t died yet."

However, during the pandemic, Glover participated in a live table read over Zoom. During it, the actor and musician was fairly transparent about wanting to return to the show one day.

"We had so much fun and now I’m like, 'I want to watch this show again, like it was brand new'."

Glover still hasn't confirmed himself that he'll be returning as the loveable Troy Barnes, but Harmon's words are encouraging. Let's keep our fingers crossed, especially for Abed's sake.

All six seasons of 'Community' are available to watch on Netflix.