Can this be the theme tune for the 'Harry Potter' TV series on HBO Max?

Look, we can't get enough of 'Harry Potter'. And we know you can't either. So, when we discovered this live video of Iceland's Eurovision entrant Daði Freyr taking 'Hedwig's Theme' and turning into something rather extraordinary, we just had to share it.

Everything you know about the iconic 'Harry Potter' theme song is about to be turned on its head.

"Do do do do do do dooooo do, do do do do do dooooo" never sounded so... Chaotic? Techno? A club banger? A song that sounds like you're about to take down the final boss in a video game? All of the above.

One comment on YouTube describes the take on 'Hedwig's Theme' as: "Did my dude just turn Hedwig's Theme into a Bowser's Castle sounding song?"

And we're inclined to wholeheartedly agree.

Here's the full song, live from Metropol nightclub in Berlin. Turn up that volume and rage.

Daði Freyr, who "represented" Iceland in last year's Eurovision Song Contest will be back later this year with a new song for the contest.

Given how popular 'Think About Things' was in 2020, hope is high that their 2021 entry will be just as catchy and bright. The song is due to be released in March, ahead of the song contest taking place in the Netherlands this May.