If you thought to yourself that alligators were a reasonable bunch of fellows, we have some shocking news for you.

Are you sitting down? Good.

Alligators, it turns out, are quite vicious. In fact, according to a press release sent with this trailer, the bite of an alligator is measured 1,342 kg of pressure - making it the most powerful bite ever recorded by a living animal. For you folks keeping score at home, that works out to 3,700 psi - roughly 2,700 more psi than a tiger or a lion. How does it compare to, say, a shark like Jaws? Who knows.

The reason for all this alligator factoids? 'Crawl', the new horror movie directed by Alexandre Aja, features alligators. Kaya Scoledario and Barry Pepper play a father and daughter who are fighting their way out of their hurricane-hit home when alligators strike. When the water level begins to rise, the alligators have more room to move and sure enough, it becomes a human-versus-alligator showdown.

Alexandre Aja previously directed 'Switchblade Romance', the pretty-decent reboot of 'The Hills Have Eyes', 'Horns', and comedy-horror 'Piranha 3D'. Meanwhile, horror icon Sam Raimi is producing, so that's got to be something.

'Crawl' hits Irish cinemas on August 23rd.