Ridley Scott could very well be teaming up with famed writer, Cormac McCarthy on his first original screenplay, reports Deadline.com.

The script is called The Counselor, and is an apparently "disturbing" account of a lawyer who descends into a world of drug trafficking. McCarthy wrote the books No Country For Old Men and The Road, both of which were turned into very successful films. He wrote the script for The Counselor completely on spec, and went about shopping it around - attracting the interest of one of the premiere helmers of his generation, Ridley Scott. The British director is currently putting the finishing touches to his epic science fiction blockbuster, Prometheus, which has a good shot at being this year's Inception - if the first trailer is anything to go by.

McCarthy is obviously an incredibly gifted writer, and Scott a stunning visualist. If this comes together the right way it could be something special.