You may not know the name Simon West, but if you're in your late 20s or 30s and like action movies then you'll appreciate his finest work, Con Air.

That film came around the time Nicolas Cage was transitioning from Oscar winning indie star, to a leading man of action blockbusters - that very same summer he had the excellent, Face Off.

Anyhow, West is out promoting a crowd-funding film called 'Salty' about a man who has his ex, a supermodel obviously, kidnapped, and was apparently asked about a sequel. 

Obviously being a smart man and knowing that talk of Con Air 2 would get him column space for his Salty project he spewed, "There are always rumors about a Con Air 2. I would do it if it was completely turned on its head. Con Air in space, for example - a studio version where they're all robots or the convicts are reanimated as super-convicts, or where the good guys are bad guys and the bad guys are good guys. Something shocking. If it was clever writing it could work."

Look, we want to see Con Air in space as much as the next lateral thinking human, but it's probably unlikely (er, unless he somehow crowd-funded that too) and that "clever writing" comment is inexplicably funny.  

Via Screen Daily.