With production resuming on 'The Batman', the big question is whether it'll A) be ready in time for mid 2022, and B) will there be any cinemas left to show it in?

By all accounts, it's looking like production is running pretty smoothly and the cast and crew appear to be taking all the precautions they need. Robert Pattinson is even wearing a mask when the camera's off, but one person who we barely clocked in these set photos was our own Colin Farrell.

To say that Colin Jaysus Farrell looks unrecognisable as Penguin / Oswald Cobblepot is an understatement. We had to check over these set photos a few times to make sure it was really him. While he featured in the teaser trailer released a little while ago, his face was so obscured that it wasn't initially clear it was him.

This time around, however, you can see his face but the level of makeup and design has basically made him into something entirely different. It's not as overt as, say, Danny DeVito's work in 'Batman Returns', but it's pretty drastic.

Take a look.


Seeing the makeup in broad daylight like this makes him look a lot less like Richard Kind and a lot more like Robert DeNiro. In fact, it wouldn't be at all surprising if that was who he was channelling with a few of these facial expressions. That eyebrow / forehead crease? That's vintage DeNiro right there.

You'll also clock Robert Pattinson as emo Bruce Wayne, and Zoe Kravitz as a very glamorous Selina Kyle in there too. All in all, it's looking like some interesting casting choices are paying off.

'The Batman' arrives (hopefully) in Irish cinemas on March 4th, 2022.