As we're only a few short weeks out from The Force Awakens, the freeze on information coming from the set appears to be thawing somewhat.

In fact, even JJ Abrams is getting into the spirit of things, confirming a while ago that it was "no accident" that Luke Skywalker was largely absent from both trailers. Now, however, there's been a confirmation of sorts on a long-held rumour about The Force Awakens and a certain character who's destined to reappear.

If you don't want any potential spoilers, look away NOW.




OK, good. So, one of the biggest rumours surrounding The Force Awakens is that none other than Master Yoda will make a brief appearance at some point during the film. Obviously, the character will be added in via CGI because, as we know, he died at the end of Return of the Jedi. The character of Yoda, voiced by Frank Oz, has cropped up very recently in the animation series Star Wars: Rebels - so it's entirely possible that someone might have mixed the two up.

Apparently not, according to an insider source who confirmed that "there was indeed a scene with Yoda in The Force Awakens." So, thoughts? It'd be a great way to link the original trilogy to the new one and Yoda's loomed large in the mythology for quite a while. With the exception of A New Hope, Yoda's appeared in every Star Wars film. He's just as much a part of the series as Han, Luke or C3PO so it'd stand to reason that he'd make an appearance in some shape or form.

Abrams did also confirm that there'll be no flashbacks, which tells us that Yoda will appear - if he does appear, mind - as a Force ghost like he did at the end of Return of the Jedi. But is it possibly plundering the original trilogy simply to score nostalgia points? Probably not. After all, most of the trailers we've seen seemed to largely focus on the younger cast, so if Yoda does turn up, it's for a damn good reason.

We'll simply have to wait until December 17th and see if all these rumours and leaks turn out to be true.


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