Cinemas are expected to reopen next week, along with museums and galleries, as part of plans to relax Level 5 restrictions on the run-up to Christmas in Ireland.

Hairdressers and gyms could also be able to open, along with religious services, however gigs and live music are still unlikely to resume for quite some time. Per a report in the Irish Times, a preliminary cabinet meeting on relaxing restrictions took place this week, with the hope for an announcement this evening confirming Tuesday as a reopening date.

Already, movie distributors are moving to schedule releases for the reopening of cinemas. Cartoon Saloon's 'Wolfwalkers' is set to open in Irish cinemas on Friday, December 4th, with previews beginning from Wednesday of next week.

Irish crime comedy 'Pixie', starring Alec Baldwin, Colm Meaney, Olivia Cooke and Ben Hardy, is set to open on December 4th also. However, it's not yet known if movies such as 'Wonder Woman 1984' or (gulp) 'Wild Mountain Thyme' will be receiving a theatrical release.

Previously, 'Wonder Woman 1984' was scheduled for a release via HBO Max and wherever cinemas might be open on December 16th. If cinemas reopen from December 1st, Warner Bros. will be able to screen 'Wonder Woman 1984', but it's not yet known if they still intend to send it to cinemas.

In the meantime, Irish cinemas are scheduling Christmas classics throughout the season, so if you're pining to sit in a cinema like us, you'll still get that chance.