Although Ireland has locked down its schools, colleges, cultural institutions and the like, small businesses around the country are still open for business - and the same goes for cinemas, too.

Across Ireland, many cinemas have remained open and are introducing arrangements to tackle the spread of COVID-19. Cinema chains like Odeon, IMC, Ominiplex and smaller cinemas like Stella Rathmines, Pálás Galway and Lighthouse Cinema have all introduced measures to keep people safe during the coronavirus outbreak.

So far, only two cinemas - the Irish Film Institute in Dublin and the Triskel Arts Centre in Cork - have been ordered to close, owing to the fact that it is classed as a cultural institution under the guidelines of the government.

All other cinemas are adhering to the 100-person rule for indoor gatherings, and are keeping to WHO guidelines for social distancing by keeping people one seat apart on either side. This, of course, means that the capacity for cinema screens has been significantly reduced. On top of that, cinema times have changed around the country for this.

Not only that, but cinemas are also encouraging patrons to book and pay ahead online rather than bringing cash. As always, wash your hands thoroughly before eating food or drink to prevent the spread. Not only that, cinema staff are also trained in cleaning procedures and have stepped up regimes to ensure cinemas are safe and sterile.

Cinemas still are showing movies, however release dates for many movies have been pushed back until later in the year. That said, you can still see movies like 'The Hunt' (very good), 'Calm With Horses' (pretty good) and 'Bloodshot' (awful) in cinemas.

As ever, if you feeling like you're presenting with symptoms from COVID-19, you should self-isolate, wash your hands thoroughly, follow HSE and professional medical advice, and avoid social interactions with other people until you've been tested and cleared of the virus.