One moviegoer used Twitter to raise awareness of the issue.

‘Incredibles 2’ has been released in the US and one viewer has raised an important point after watching the movie. Twitter user Veronica Lewis posted an important thread in relation to the triggering effect of the flashing lights in the movie.

She warns that the movie may be unsuitable for those with photosensitive epilepsy and “those who suffer from migraines, vision impairments, seizure conditions, vertigo (specifically flicker vertigo), autism, ADHD, and PTSD could also experience a reaction to the images.”

"One of these scenes lasts over 90 seconds with continuous strobe light, other scenes last anywhere from 5-30 seconds," she said.

“HEALTH ALERT I haven’t seen this mentioned in a lot of places, but the new Incredibles 2 movie (#incredibles2) is filled with tons of strobe/flashing lights that can cause issues for people with epilepsy, migraines, and chronic illness,” she said in her opening tweet that has gone viral.

She also pointed out that the flashing lights were important to the plot of the movie and only wanted Disney to do more to warn parents.

Check out the spoiler free thread here-

And it turns out that cinemas in the US took her advice on board and began to issue warnings to their patrons.

Good job, Veronica!

‘Incredibles 2’ will be in Irish cinemas from July 13th.

Via: Hollywood Reporter